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wavering between anime and realism


Art Goals since December 6, 2009

I will make art that has meaning beyond its aesthetic value, and I will push myself to improve technically and thematically.
I will comment on every single picture I add to my favorites. (From now on, because I am not going through the hundreds in my Favorites already...)

JAN 2012
Some specific aesthetic goals...
1. lighter/more graceful outlines (anime style).
2. lower color saturation. Dec 2013
3. at least one well-worked, epic, dynamic piece.
4. at least one un-sloppy, finished anime piece with unfudged background.

AUG 2012
One high-key painting, one low-key painting.

JULY 2014
Predictably, I have met none of my goals!
You have entered the :sun:Sunburst!Era, where almost every image has garish back-lighting featuring a sunburst!

:bulletred: ethereal/beautiful/softer works
:bulletred: character interactions and scenes
:bulletred: full environments with better perspective and angle

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Time of the Sheep by vitellan
Time of the Sheep
(Happy New Year.)

Still working on another picture, but here's one for now!

Time: <1 hr?
SAI & Photoshop CS5.1
This World of Ours by vitellan
This World of Ours
Tried to make things interesting for myself by supplementing a rando background. Slowly recapping goals of background + >1 character. Would love to do more interesting poses and pretend I understand anatomy.

Time: 7 hours of my life that I will never get back.
SAI, pp in CS
Not 100% but original was the largest I've ever painted, and it wasn't really necessary except perhaps for small!person in the background.
Title: random fragment from song on loop in latter half of painting (this one).
Kept Me Waiting by vitellan
Kept Me Waiting
Started out sunny and pleasant while I took the lyrics of Welcome Home (Radical Face) a bit too literally... took a turn for the creepy when I experimented with not having the person on the other side actually be there. Then added a fox, because foxes make everything better.

Next one = going to try for anime again. Almost lost all ability to paint anime. ^^; It's just not as exciting to me anymore to paint flatter faces but there are halfway styles.

Time: 4-5 hrs?
SAI, post-processing in CS
All the Derp, All the Time! [2014 sketch dump] by vitellan
All the Derp, All the Time! [2014 sketch dump]
Instead of doing the rather more productive improvement meme, this is my version of art review for the year...
Much less art was actually done due to real life and being more of a book junkie. However, this didn't stop me from becoming more ambitious about compositions (...some of the time) since my job is pretty much staring at and nitpicking good art... and somehow deluding myself into thinking I can art, too. Result = more unfinished works than ever + some half-assed finished works. (Although I'm currently working on one that I'm actually spending more time on! Yay!)

Bottom of sketchdump are mostly studies with reference. I do intend to finish the one at the bottom. Wish me luck.


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Great gallery! 
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Happy New Year! :)
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Sir you are a little underrated , but you have my support :D 
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I'm no 'Sir,' but thanks!
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;O; so many good artist.. I need to step up my game!!
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Your work is lovely! Thank you for the watch. :)
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>w< aww thank you!!
your welcome vwv
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thank you.
Your work is impressive, keep up the good work :)
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Hello :aww:

If you like fantasy, and good art then come join our group :iconshinesofmystery:. We are a fantasy group that is dedicated to 2Dimensional Arts.
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Beautiful gallery!
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